Charming Things to Do in Serbia

Serbia is certainly not primaly that comes to mind when you think of a romantic Western getaway, but it is actually a passionate state packed with destinations exquisite for amorous behavior. The love locking mechanism craze acquired its start here in fact.

The Bridge of Love, or perhaps locally generally known as “Most Ljubavi, ” is actually a must-visit meant for couples on honeymoon in Serbia. A large amount of padlocks with love emails and initials decorate the railings of could be bridge that dates back over the century. This is certainly one of the first places where this tradition was created, and it has an enduring reminder of timeless love.

Located in the northern component to Vojvodina, the Fantast Fortress is a marvelous castle honestly, that is included in the majority of Serbia vacation packages. The fairy-tale fortress is encircled with a church and a massive lawn that may be ideal for romantic horseback riding with your partner. It is very also a superb opportunity to learn about the history of the region and explore some of the initial traditions in this area.

For anyone seeking a bit more adventure during their honeymoon, the famous snowboard hotel inside the town of Kopaonik is a great option. The hotel offers luxurious suites with incredible river sights that can be ordered through Serbia tour packages. The motel is renowned for its incredible well being spa and relaxation center, and in addition it has a range of adventure activities that can be experienced during your stay. The buying price of a night through this luxury hotel starts off from 15000 Serbian Dinars.